Free audio books 1: mp3 files to download and passage pdf to print for esl. Aesop's Fables · Alice's Adventures in Wonderland · American Short Fiction · The . tales & stories - download. stories: audio & passage pdf · short stories - audio & text. video stories - transcript. fairy tales - short version · talking books video-tales . Listen to Genius presents free audio downloads in the category: Short Stories. These mp3 files feature the voices of award-winning professional narrators.

Short Stories Pdf With Audio

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(To use miniplayer to play all the audio files on the site, upgrade your Windows Media Player - Go to the Menu: Tools - Options . Want to use interesting audio short stories for listening practice in your ESL Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you . Top Free audio books that you can download in mp3, iPod and iTunes format for your portable audio player. Short Science Fiction Collection by Various.

If the students want to, let them listen to the short story again. You can go through the answers as a group, listening to the story again and pausing at each blank.

Master Memory: Tell the students that they are going to write down the main events of the story after listening to it. Play the short story, making sure no one writes anything yet. Afterwards, ask the students to write a list of at least five events they can remember from the story. These could include what happens at the beginning, a plot twist, a character interaction and how the story ends.

The more detail the better! Order the Events: Give each student a set of strips, with a sentence or two detailing an event on each strip. Allow time for your students to read each one, or read them together as a class. While listening to the story, students put the events in the correct chronological order. Buzz Words: Give students a vocabulary page with anywhere between ten and thirty words, depending on the class level and the length of the short story they will be listening to.

Go through the words one by one, checking meaning.

Short Stories Free Audio & Video

Then as students listen to the story, they check off the words from the list when they hear them. You could also make this into a game by having your students raise their hands or clap when they hear the buzz word.

First one gets a team point! Multiple Choice: Give students a worksheet with approximately ten questions on it, each with three possible answers. The questions can be about defining events in the story, character decisions or tiny details.

Give students time to read through the options before playing the short story, clarifying meaning where necessary. As they listen, students choose from the multiple choice answers. Play the story again to go through the answers, pausing where the answers to the questions crop up.

Character Quiz: Listen to the entire short story, then give students a worksheet with a list of character traits and decisions. Students must pick the correct one for the protagonist of the story.

Listen to the story again to give students a chance to review their decisions before going through the answers as a class.

Plot Quiz: Students listen to the short story once or twice, depending on their level. Afterwards split them into teams and have a game show. Each team has a chance to answer a question.

If the team gets it right they get a point, and if they get it wrong, the question moves to the next team. This is a great learning tool for those who have some knowledge of the Italian language and want more tools to further their knowledge!

In the beginning, there's an English introduction explaining what to expect from the audiobook. They helpefully offer the use of flashcards in a PDF to have both visual and audio, which is wonderful as knowing the proper spelling and sentence structure is important to fully grasp a language.

I am a huge fan of how easy it was to access this audio through Audible at any given time of the day, such as on breaks or during the commute to work! I especially appreciate how clear the audio is, and how easy the speakers are to follow along with. You hear the proper pronunciation of each word and how the sentences flow together.

12 Short French Stories with Audio

They also make the story interesting to read with rhythm and emotion. It's great you can follow along in a pdf so you can not only see the word but hear its' pronunciations. It has plenty of content and what seemed to be mini questions as well to quiz the reader. It's really a great resource for anyone at any non native level of italian language acquisition.

You hear two different voices and so much from seeing example sentences and applications of it. It's a brush up on vocab for more advanced speakers, and cements sentence structure for beginners as well as vocab.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Italian Short Stories for Beginners? The mini quiz secetions are great for comprehension and I appreciate their inclusion.

Italian Short Stories for Beginners

Audio Download. The Canterbury Tales. The Happy Prince and Other Tales. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Online Video.

The Bird and the Whale

Short Stories. American Indian Fairy Tales.

Online Audio. The Arabian Nights. Selected Short Stories.

The Gift of the Magi. Our Blog.English Fairy Tales Joseph Jacobs. Rentals at the Oceanside Community Excellent job! The website also has tons of other activities options at the top of the page, including: Audio concentration games like card memory for defining similar sounding words.

Short Ghost Story Collection Various.

With no written language, Native Americans living in the Lake Superior region passed their cultural identity down through the generations by way of stories. The repetition of words as well as the pronunciation made it very easy to understand and use.

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