See more of Book No Further on Facebook. Bookstore in Roanoke, Virginia. Book No Further ( Market St SE) is an independent bookstore in downtown Roanoke. The Book of No: Ways to Say it and Mean it-and Stop P and millions of other books are available for instant access. Ships from and sold by Not Nice: Stop People Pleasing, Staying Silent, & Feeling Guilty. The Book of No: Ways to Say It -- And Mean It and Stop People-pleasing Forever [Susan Newman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Is it difficult to refuse your friends, your boss, your kids, your spouse — even perfect strangers? Saying “no” is rarely easy. Often, it's downright uncomfortable. Book No Further is an independent bookstore offering new fiction and books on the latest hot topics, along with like-new books for those careful about the. Browse Books by Section. Non-Fiction NEW LOCATION: Book No Further | Market St SE, Roanoke, VA | | [email protected]

Though sometimes the advance is paid out in two sums, and, in some instances, four or more.

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Self-publishing means publishing your book on your own, or with the help of a self-publishing platform like site site Direct Publishing or CreateSpace , which is also owned by site. Harvey said, whereas with a publisher, you may have to bend to their ideas for your book title, cover and content. On the other hand, an agent and publisher might be able to help increase your reach to make those sales. Self-publishing also means your book will be available on only the platform you publish with, and it likely will never get on shelves in physical bookstores or libraries.

If you opt to self-publish, site site Direct Publishing , an online publishing platform for digital books and paperbacks, is an ideal place to start. The site includes manuscript templates you can download and follow.

Self-publishing means you have to do all of the work, like designing a cover and proofreading, yourself or hire people to help. Write your book proposal While an agent will likely want to see the completed manuscript of a novel, a nonfiction book typically requires a proposal, which is a detailed outline of what your book is and why it matters.

You can find downloadable book proposal templates online.

The literary agent Ted Weinstein shares a simple nonfiction template on his website. Friedman said.

Publishers also like to see numbers. Try to quantify your platform using metrics like your combined social media followers, newsletter subscribers or monthly page views on your blog. A lower-tech option: Look in the back of similar books to see who the author thanks in the acknowledgments. You may have to query multiple agents about your idea. Ideally, one of them will bite and want to represent you.

The agent will pitch your book proposal or manuscript to publishers, which can lead to getting-to-know-you meetings with publishers and editors, or both. If a publisher loves your idea, your agent will then negotiate the contract and terms with input from you as needed. It sounds simple, but this can take much more time than many writers expect. One way to structure this type of working: make micro-progress, or the smallest units of progress.

Perhach said she gave herself a small goal to write for one hour per day, then shared that goal with loved ones. She also joined writing groups, which can be a helpful step for many writers who may find it hard to turn in work without a real deadline. If you have friends who like to write, you could organize a writer accountability group with weekly or monthly deadlines.

There are also existing groups and organizations you can join. In November, NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month encourages writers from all over the world to sign up on its website and begin working on a goal of writing a 50,word novel by the end of the month. Many libraries and writing centers host regular writing groups as well.

First figure out how much time you have to write each week, then schedule that writing time into your day. Social psychologist and author Dr.

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Susan Newman empowers you to break your debilitating yes habit with her simple techniques and insights. In this priceless, practical, pithy volume, Dr.

Susan Newman uses her wisdom, wiles, and wit to teach you—kind, nice, good, and giving person that you are —how to bow out gracefully, how to decline an offer without giving offense, and how to teach others to do the same thing. This book is a game-changer and a life saver! If you want to be a good friend, team player, and nice person, but always seem to put yourself—and the things you want—last, The Book of No is for you. It helps break down the stigma and guilt associated with saying no, and provides hundreds of practical tips for exactly how to say it in specific circumstances and relationships.

Alice Boyes, Ph. The Book of No is a must-read for the pushover tendency in all of us who agree to most things asked of us.

Books in the "No, David!" Series

Think of it as your life-preserver and go-to guide for navigating relationships with your friends, family, spouse, boss, co-workers, parents, kids…even strangers.

Michele Borba, Ed.

Read More Testimonials. The Book of NO gives people the courage to stand up for themselves. Jody J. Foster, M.

Joy, M. All too often we find ourselves overworked and overstressed because we take on too much at work or at home.

Ronald E. Riggio, Ph. The good news is that Susan Newman is here to help. Using detailed examples, humor, and actionable steps, Newman helps us explore our own obstacles to setting and maintaining healthy boundaries and empowers us to put an end to personal overload. Andy Molinsky, Ph.

In this updated edition of The Book of No, social psychologist Susan Newman offers research and immensely practical tools to help us set boundaries and stop people-pleasing. Along with each scenario are specific dialogues that demonstrate exactly what to say. So many of us struggle to skillfully set boundaries without hurting our relationships.

This book is just what we need!

This book will free you. Will you read this book? It can help individuals protect their time, balance relationships, safeguard their health, create positive change, stay on course, and feel more purposeful. In The Book of NO , author Susan Newman helps people learn to say NO, illustrating this by way of short sample scenarios—addressing many authentic, sticky situations that arise with friends, family, work colleagues, forceful people, and more.

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Joanne Foster, Ed.In the aforementioned quote, one can't help but wonder, "Stepped closer. Not that he's perfect, he has his trouble-maker times, too! What an imagination it took to write this book.

He complains about that to the other grownup books around him which is perhaps one of the flaws of the book, since I don't know a library that would shelve a picture book with Victor Hugo!

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