The 45 best textile design books, such as Scraps, Krokbragd, Stitched Shibori, The Pattern Base and Print, Make, Wear. “To be human is to be involved with cloth,” says the author of Textiles: The Whole Story, one of 20 books on textile design from around the world. Textile Design: The Complete Guide to Printed Textiles for Apparel and Home An important book for fabric designers for the 20th century methods of patterned.

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Lark Books trade paperback,reprint. Karin Jerstorp, Eva Kohlmark. This is a reference book on design production and patterns, covering a wide range of. Browse Dexigner's curated selection of 40+ textile design books. Books shelved as textile-designs: Drawn to Stitch: Line, Drawing, and Mark- Making in Textile Art by Gwen Hedley, Silk Paper for Textile Artists by Sarah.

In addition, different application scenarios, where smart textiles play a key role, are presented too.

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Mar 26, Designing with Smart Textiles Beginning by introducing the terminology and key applications, the book goes on to examine the key design processes needed to develop interactive textile design concepts, with detailed projects and examples to help you apply these approaches in your own practice.

Case studies and interviews with innovative designers introduce you to different artistic and technological practices, and demonstrate how world-leading researchers are creating new technologies, yarns, fabrics, and applications.

Practitioners share unique insights into their processes, and "Tech Tips" so you can build on their research in your own work. Jul 11, Pattern Magic 3 In this new addition to the Pattern Magic series from Japan, Tomoko Nakamichi teaches you how to sculpt with fabric, creating beautiful shapes, waves and accents. Next, she looks at creating dynamic movement in garments, using ruffles, shirring and precise, sharply pleated lines.

Mar 26, Smart Textiles for Designers: Inventing the Future of Fabrics Smart Textiles for Designers introduces the different qualities and properties that can be embedded in, integrated with, and applied to fabrics, and looks at the different contexts in which these smart textiles can be used. A survey of specific fabrics grouped by properties provides a core reference section and a palette for the designer to work from. The book also examines five different design approaches and features interviews with leading designer and design teams, showing their processes and working methods.

Mar 26, Clothing From the Hands That Weave Clothing from the Hands that Weave is a remarkable book that traces the history of weaving and fashion from the beginning of time through the modern era. Detailed descriptions and analyses of ancient clothing styles and construction techniques are combined with wildly creative and exciting ideas for updating and adapting them.

Mar 26, Materials and Technology for Sportswear and Performance Apparel Materials and Technology for Sportswear and Performance Apparel takes a close look at the design and development of functional apparel designed for high-performance sportswear. Implementing materials, performance, technology, and design and marketing, the book examines this rapidly emerging textile market and outlines future directions and growing trends.

Mar 26, The Handbook of Textile Culture In recent years, the study of textiles and culture has become a dynamic field of scholarship, reflecting new global, material and technological possibilities. This is the first handbook of specially commissioned essays to provide a guide to the major strands of critical work around textiles past and present and to draw upon the work of artists and designers as well as researchers in textiles studies.

Mar 26, Textile Technology and Design: From Interior Space to Outer Space Textile Technology and Design addresses the critical role of the interior at the intersection of design and technology, with a range of interdisciplinary arguments by a wide range of contributors: from design practitioners to researchers and scholars to aerospace engineers.

Chapters examine the way in which textiles and technology - while seemingly distinct - continually inform each other through their persistent overlapping of interests, and eventually coalesce in the practice of interior design.

Mar 26, Geometric Textures For Fashion is an ideas book for stylists, designers, and art directors featuring inventive ideas and striking designs.

Aug 31, The Print Revolution: Groundbreaking Textile Design in the Digital Age Following a discussion of how the current techniques have revolutionized hundreds of years of screen-printing, The Print Revolution is organized by an A-Z of keynote designers operating at this cutting edge of fashion.

Accompanied by fashion photography, catwalk imagery, and close-up details of prints and patterns, and - crucially - supplemented by the designers' own notebooks, impressions, quotations and influences, the book is an invaluable reference as well as a visual delight of the inspirations and creations that have given rise to the current explosion of interest in textile design.

Nov 13, Textiles for Residential and Commercial Interiors Textiles for Residential and Commercial Interiors focuses on the most current fiber and fabric information including new fiber technology and nanofibers, the role of the interior designer in selecting textiles, and the environmental impact of textiles. The book includes in-depth coverage of household and institutional textiles, in addition to commercial and residential textiles for upholstered furniture, windows, walls, and floor coverings.

Nov 11, Fabrics in Fashion Design is a bridge between materials and their creators that visually demonstrates through 1, beautiful images the profound relationship between fabrics and fashion, covering a wide range of patterns, their history, and industry terminology. Nov 10, Vintage Knit: 25 Knitting and Crochet Patterns Refashioned for Today Vintage Knit offers lovers of retro style 25 beautiful knitting patterns from the s and s, regraded to fit modern sizes and to knit with yarns easily available today.

A short introduction describes each garment and suggests how to style it, followed by clear instructions for knitting and making up. The book includes a complete CD with templates for your experimentation. From conceptual questions to intricate details, this book elucidates all of the facets involved in designing patterns. Printed Textiles by Terry A.

Gentille, , Prentice-Hall, page detail. This is indeed a book of fundamentals for textile design. In , rubber cement and compasses were still absolutely necessary graphic design tools, and this book instructs you thoroughly in building repeats and drawing and painting croquis as it was done then.

This book was intended as a working guide for students who intended to become professional textile designers.

Surface Design for Fabric, Richard M.

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Proctor and Jennifer F. Lew, Surface Design for Fabric by Richard M.

Lew, , University of Washington Press. Page detail. I think this book launched and fueled the passion of many a contemporary surface designer and art-cloth maker. Proctor and Lew both taught at the University of Washington, whose press published this softbound guide. Textiles: A Handbook for Designers rev. Marypaul Yates is the principal and founder of Yates Design Inc.

The Textile Design Book by Karin Jerstorp and Eva Kohlmark, page detail This book is fresh and full of ideas for contemporary, colorful pattern and textile design. Working with simple geometric shapes and repeats, a handmade aesthetic, and fun historical references, this book is full of inspiration and charm on every page.

These two notebook-like books, just 40 pages each, by prolific textile artist and embroiderer Jan Messent are really good. Hand-drawn illustrations show you how Messent sees pattern everywhere in the world around her and translates it to designs that can be the basis of repeat patterns, stitching, or other uses.

Many instructions, techniques, ideas, and fabric samples make an excellent resource book for designers. WIth CD.

My Collection of Books on Pattern and Textile Design

These are two examples of beautiful reference books, of which there are many, that you can go a little nuts collecting.Beginning in the 16th century, the golden age of European navigation created a vigorous textile trade, and a breathtaking variety of textile designs subsequently spread across the globe. Florence Schust joined the firm and helped establish its interior design division, the Knoll Planning Unit.

Next, she looks at creating dynamic movement in garments, using ruffles, shirring and precise, sharply pleated lines. If you wish to place a tax exempt order please contact us.

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Threads of Silk and Gold Hiroko T. Our Publishing Partners.

Nov 10, Vintage Knit: 25 Knitting and Crochet Patterns Refashioned for Today Vintage Knit offers lovers of retro style 25 beautiful knitting patterns from the s and s, regraded to fit modern sizes and to knit with yarns easily available today.

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