Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon from Deseret Book on Vimeo. Favorite youth and young adult speaker John Bytheway makes the Book of. Favorite youth and young adult speaker John Bytheway makes the Book of Mormon come to life! Ideal for family night lessons youth conferences and missionary. There are numerous other heroes in the Book of Mormon, however, whose . Do you recognize the power scripture study can have in your life, as it had in King.

Heroes Lessons From The Book Of Mormon

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Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon (). 1h 39min | Family | Video July · Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon Poster. Add a Plot». Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon - DVD $ Knowing John Bytheway, I bet my teens would LOVE this. Each chapter or tribute identifies different qualities, characteristics and/or powerful lessons taken from each Book of Mormon hero's story with.

President Eyring and Amulek Deseret News Archives The account of what happened to Amulek Alma 10 after he agreed to help Alma teaches us about the blessings that flow from choosing to submit to the will of a loving and all-knowing God, whose ways are not our ways, wrote President Henry B.


Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency. Burton Howard, an emeritus general authority, sees Book of Mormon missionary Ammon as a hero who exceeded the normal limitations of virtue, faith, valor and excellence.

Focusing on Alma 26 , in which Ammon gives something similar to a modern-day missionary homecoming talk, Elder Howard pointed out several aspects of Ammon's mission that all missionaries can relate to, including depression and homesickness, suffering hardships, relying on the mercies of God and miraculous conversions. Christensen, an emeritus general authority. He possessed personal characteristics that set him apart as a remarkable individual," wrote Christensen, who believes Mormon named his son after Captain Moroni because he was so exceptional.

Scott, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from , wrote that there is much to learn from the life of Nephi, son of Helaman. Elder Scott called "valiant" missionary service, the "blessings of righteous parentage," faith in the Lord and "unwavering obedience" hallmarks of Nephi's life that may be applied to our lives.

I humbly testify that Nephi's greatness came from his humility, his unflinching obedience and his firmly rooted faith in Jesus the Christ," Elder Scott wrote.

May our study and pondering of the example of this admirable servant of the Lord enrich us with a desire to be more submissive when tested, more obedient when tempted, more forgiving when falsely accused and more resolute in our faith in the Master.

Peterson, an emeritus general authority who died in , described the story of Samuel the Lamanite Helaman in an interesting way.

Elder Peterson shared three lessons he took from Samuel the Lamanite's story. First, in any assignment or calling, do it to the best of your ability.

Second, climb the daily walls in your life with no fear, and bravely deliver your message. Third, follow living prophets. Condie, an emeritus general authority, wrote that Mormon's editorial influence is felt throughout the Book of Mormon. He taught essential gospel doctrines, served as a great military leader and fulfilled his duty as a prophet of God. Samuelson, an emeritus general authority, wrote about Mahonri Moriancumer, "a large and mighty man … highly favored of the Lord Ether ," also known as the Brother of Jared.

Ponder whether your testimony and knowledge of the gospel is strong enough to withstand attempts to persuade you away from the gospel. The king promised Ammon that he would believe his words and Ammon taught the king the gospel. The king, believing, cried to the Lord for mercy and then collapsed as if dead.

His servants took him to his wife and children, who greatly mourned for him. After two days, the servants came to take Lamoni for burial, but the queen, having heard of the fame of Ammon, called for him. Ammon assured the queen that the king was not dead and that he would rise the next day. He asked her if she believed him. He bore testimony of the Savior. Both the king and his queen were overpowered with the Spirit and sank to the earth.

Ammon, overcome with joy, also fell to the earth. See Alma — She knew she was witnessing the power of God and excitedly ran to tell the people to come see so that they could also be converted.

He arose and began to teach the people, many of whom believed and were baptized. See verses 30—31, For Families and Individuals Consider talking with your children about how the queen gained her testimony. Clearly King Lamoni and his wife deeply loved and supported each other.

What might you do to increase the love and support in your marriage? Application of the Principles to Our Own Journey Just like the children of Israel and the family of Lehi, we are all trying to get to the land that Heavenly Father has promised us.

The land He has promised us, as a covenant people in the latter days, is the celestial kingdom.

Heroes from the Book of Mormon

But we need not wait until death to enjoy the blessings of this promised land. We can all progress in our spiritual journeys on earth by attending the temple and striving to develop Zion—both being models of the celestial kingdom that God has established so that we may prepare to live in the highest glory with Him.

Entering the temple is both a journey that takes us out of this world and a rite of passage that must be performed by ourselves or on our behalf for us to qualify for the celestial kingdom. Before attending the temple, we must separate ourselves from the world.

The physical separation from the world helps us to focus on matters dealing with Christ because Christ is not of this world see John Having stepped inside this threshold, we learn the myths that answer those persistent questions that haunt mankind concerning human nature.

Where we came from, why we are here, where we may go, and how we may cope with the matter of death.

Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon, Bytheway

President Howard W. Let us hasten to the temple as frequently as time and means and personal circumstances allow. We leave the temple and return to the life of the world, but we leave having been empowered by the divine.

Similarly, after we have completed the journey through the temple, we are endowed with the increased ability to live in the world within our bodies, while still maintaining a relationship with God and living with an eternal perspective.

As another tool to help his children maintain an eternal perspective, Heavenly Father has also set before us the ideal of Zion.

Like the eternal perspective fostered in the temple, separation and transformation through education are once again key to creating Zion in ourselves and in our communities.

Separation is a key of Zion. In the scriptural account of Enoch, the righteous people congregated in one city, the city of Zion, to gain strength in living with similarly minded people and to protect themselves from the wicked.

Also, Nibley describes God driving a wedge between the world and his people on purpose to create a clear distinction between what is of Him and what is of the world. While we may not have a Zion community immediately, to really espouse the attributes of Zion, just like the temple, we must learn individually to live in the world, but not of the world—not to fall prey to the worldly temptations of pride, materialism, and self-interest.

After spiritually separating ourselves from the things of the world, we need to begin the education of the transition stage. Once we pass the threshold of baptism, we begin to be accountable for living the standards of Zion.

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We need to learn to develop charity, obedience, and purity individually so that we will be prepared to transition easily to Zion and the celestial kingdom when the time comes. During this life, the education stage, we need to learn as much as we can about the doctrines and principles of the gospel.

We should not only learn but also practice what we learn. By living the gospel principles with an eternal perspective, we will journey to the temple, then to Zion, and ultimately, to the celestial kingdom. Conclusion: Journeys throughout Time Heavenly Father gives his children a journey to allow them opportunities to refine themselves and to show their commitment to his commandments before reentering his presence in the temple, in Zion, or in heaven.

Before entering the temple, Zion, or heaven, we must be separated and purified from the world and prepare ourselves to transition from this world to their otherworldly realms. For most, the symbolic journey through life is all that He requires.

For others like the children of Israel and the children of Lehi, he requires an arduous physical journey to refine and transform his people before giving them a land he has set aside for them. Even in the contemporary dispensation, he required this journey before he gave his covenant people, the Latter-day Saints, a land in the Salt Lake Valley.

These journeys, placed prominently at the beginnings of their respective dispensations, were not only for the benefit of those who were tested, but were also significant to their posterity as stories of great faith.

They establish a pattern for us to follow as we also complete our personal journeys. In this dispensation, the goal for our journey should be the temple, and through the temple, the celestial kingdom.

The temple journey culminates in the celestial room just like our life journey will culminate in the celestial kingdom if we live up to our covenants with God.Where we came from, why we are here, where we may go, and how we may cope with the matter of death. His choice to leave a multimillion-dollar football contract and join the military wasn't done for any reason other than he felt it was the right thing to do.

This documentary chronicles what happened to these young men, and the ultimate price paid by those who dared to stand up for the truth. All together, about souls of men, women and children, were taken. The Lord gave them a promised land so that they could be separated from the wicked influences of the world and could live righteously without duress.

In each essay, a general authority has written about one of his favorite people in the Book of Mormon.

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